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Malware is any software used to disrupt computer operations, allow access to private computer systems, display unauthorized advertisements or gather sensitive information for malicious reasons.History of MalwareMany of the early infections such as the first internet worm were designed as experiments. The malware was developed for playful taunting rather than for malice intents. Nowadays, the motivation for developing malware is more of malicious purposes such as money making and power gain through information obtained. In modern society, malware is used by both hackers and the government to steal personal, financial or business information.

Malicious software has frequently been designed for profit generating reasons especially with the rise of widespread broadband Internet access.


Malware poses great problems to computers. These include slowing down connections and crushing, data exfiltration, giving access and control to another person, use as a server to broadcast various files among many effects. Through exfiltration of data, private information and business information can be breached leading to massive losses.

Technological advances

To combat the increasing numbers of malware developed, technological advances in inventing anti-malware programs have been developed. An on-access or real-time scanner is a specific anti-virus and anti-malware software that hooks deeply into the operating system’s kernel and operates in a similar manner as the specific malware but with users’ informed consent to secure the system.


Malware authors are constantly devising evasive techniques to conceal the maliciously intended activity. Sophisticated approaches such as the hijacking of software update services are being undertaken by malware authors to infiltrate malware into vulnerable systems during the updating of software. A major challenge to the anti-malware developers is Detecting malware that begins in the early booting cycle.Operating system developers need to develop anti-malware software that can detect malware that starts early in the boot cycle. There is no anti-malware software for Windows that detects and resolves malware that begins early in the boot …

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