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Market Analysis

Regarding the fact that Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo is a hybrid of the hotel and a sports club, its primary market is customers who prefer to choose a world-class hotel with the opportunity to enjoy sports activities during their stay. Renaissance ClubSport competes with other market players on the secondary market level for providing kids activity centers. Tertiary market is related to the spa services and provision of nutrition programs and professional weight management (Renaissance ClubSport Official Website, 2015).

Describing Renaissance ClubSport primary market customers it is worth noting that the focus is made on the two categories: local and international business travelers and leisure customers group comprising of families preferably with children. As it is stated in the Renaissance ClubSport Member Policy Guide (2015), the hotel and sport club welcomes customers of all ages. However, it should be stated that the price for the sport club and hotel visit is higher than the average in the industry. Therefore, the target customers are people with middle and high incomes level. Analyzing the trends in the industry, it is essential to underline that the customers become more conscious about their health.

Therefore, for travels and preferences for the weekends spending they choose facilities that combine comfort, safety and opportunity to stay fit. As it is pointed out in the IBISWorld report (2015) on the gym, health and fitness clubs, industry growth accounts for 2,2 percent. It is expected a boom in revenue growth by 2020 especially for the higher-value services. According to the International Health, Racquet, and Sportsclub Association Annual Survey (2014), the number of membership increased by 31 percent in 2014 comparing to 2005. The above mentioned evidences about the big growth potential of the primary market for the analyzed company.

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