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Marketing Funnel and Effort Impact Matrix

Background of Services

Jenny McElvaney is a nutritional coach who aims to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle through responsible and well-informed dieting. McElvaney was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Shortly after the diagnosis, McElvaney decided to undergo surgery and treatment. After recovery, McElvaney decided to use her own experiences as well knowledge and skill to help other people suffering from illnesses.

McElvaney is a Dublin-based Nutritional Coach who operates her own clinic in the city. McElvaney also provides information only. She sets her approach apart from that of other nutritional coaches by making healthy eating as interesting and enjoyable as possible for her clients (Jenny McElvaney Nutrition 2015). Marketing FunnelThe marketing funnel illustrates how a business or a brand would be able to align and translate its marketing strategies and tactics into sales (Chong n.d.).

Hence, the objective of the marketing strategies developed for a brand or company should be aimed towards attracting consumers or the target market to generate sales (Harden & Heyman 2010). For McElvaney’s business, the top of the funnel should focus on generating “buzz”, so to speak, about her service or business. The main aim is to adopt “reach marketing” to engage customers and introduce the product or service to them to increase awareness about the brand.

McElvaney’s services may be marketed using social media, through word of mouth, and traditional marketing and advertising such as flyers and posters, radio or local television advertisements, and newspaper prints. Following the top of the funnel is the leads, including the end users and McElvaney’s partners. Apart from targeting end users such as individuals who would need assistance and coaching to develop healthy eating habits, McElvaney may also work with healthcare facilities to extend her services to a wider market. By working with healthcare facilities, doctors and nurses and other professionals may recommend McElvaney to their patients and make referrals.

In this way, McElvaney creates a fruitful partnership with health care professionals and facilities. The third level of the marketing funnel involves opportunities for growth and expansion. McElvaney may do so by establishing another clinic at another location and employing other nutritional coaches to extend services to a wider population. Opportunities also include expanding its services to provide assistance for physical fitness with McElvaney’s partnership with fitness coaches.

The final level of the funnel involves the customers themselves. McElvaney’s relationship with clients would help her determine other needs that she would be able to provide through clinic services or the publication of other sources for users online. Effort Impact MatrixThe effort impact matrix describes the business’ priorities based on level or intensity of impact and effort (Plenert & Cluley 2012).

High Priority

Introducing the brand or business to the public through marketing and advertising. Reaching out to consumers or the target market.

Medium Priority

Building or establishing partnerships with health care facilities to obtain recommendations and referralsMedium PriorityCreating virtual content and producing online services

Providing …

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