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Master Application

Having completely overtaken the way of achieving my Master’s degree in Accounting at Qatar University I’ve experienced and faced with number of different and diverse situations related to my educational process and despite everything that happened up to this time I have never hesitated in correctness of made choice to link my future with accounting specialization.

I consider granted opportunity of being enrolled to the government University of Qatar for Accounting, which students are in a great demand, as an excellent possibility to be involved in this branch and a great way to prove myself of being a highly-qualified specialist and succeeded in the future of accounting field of expertise. I heartily appreciate each step, which was my made towards my competence on the way of educating me. I’m pretty much sure that it will empower me with possibility of being capable of overtaking financial positions in a wide variety of industries and companies.

It must be noticed that since many of university’s academic departments have received or are currently under evaluation of accreditation of leading organizations it’s possible to make conclusion that companies and enterprises are interested in breeding and forming of a new generation of skilled workers in order to use their potential, which I consider as a significant chance that should be used. Another side is that exactly Qatar University was chosen among large number of existent educational facilities to be financed, which proves and outlines its unique value and theoretical quality of student’s preparation for working at companies because of outstanding potential of graduates. Being self-driven person, these facts encourage me to prove and establish myself of being worthy in order to be noticed by possible potential employers.

Finally, as the matter of fact that Qatar University serves on behalf of the government and private industries to conduct regional researches it might have highly-possible impact on boosts of chances being hired in appropriate area of expertise within short time frames after graduation, which I consider as one of the enumerated pros. In addition, Qatar University has balanced theoretical and practical experience with accompanied infrastructures system, which enables being particularly prepared to face real companies’ issues to be …

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