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Question 1: Preparation of menu for four people using poultry.

An ideal menu for a family of four individuals using poultry is boneless chicken. During preparation for this menu, some considerations ought to be made. These considerations include the amount to be spent on the ingredients, preparation method, and the nutrients this menu will offer. Below is a menu using poultry: IngredientsBoneless, skinless chicken-breast pieces2 garlic cloves which minced½ teaspoon cayenneZest from 2 limes3 cups uncooked basmati rice2 cups chicken stock250ml can coconut milk1teaspoon saltJuice from 2 limes½ cup flaked sweetened coconutDirections Lightly coat a 13 by 9 inch baking dish with vegetable cooking oil. Rub the chicken breasts with food spices such as garlic, cayenne pepper, and lime zest Put it aside.Put the rice in the baking container.Put together the chicken stock, lime juice, coconut milk, salt, and add onto the rice. Place the chicken breasts on top of the rice.Cover with a foil wrap and bake for 25 to 30 minutes or till the rice is fluffy and the chicken is well cooked. Remove the foil wrap, sprinkle some coconut on the meal and let the meal simmer for 5 minutes more or until the coconut is browned. The nutrients provided by this menu include the following as listed below: Protein per 38g76%Carbohydrates0%Fat per 19g29%Energy335kcalsThe purchasing considerations, money and amount to taken. The purchasing power is influenced by various things like the nutrition needs in the family, the available time, the appeal needed and also the likes and dislikes of the individual in the family. The amount of food to taken should be considered which should depend on the appetite, body size, and the expected impact. Brown (2014) argues the better menu is created when all individual considerations are put in place. Good menu is known when it is completely set and the food accepted. The nutritive value of the natural chicken. The chicken is the one that had been reared naturally without any addition of chemicals or any other food stuff is known to be 100% natural. This 100% natural chicken is reared using the natural foods rather than the ready to eat foods.

Question 2: A menu for a low-cost beef product.

An ideal menu for a low-cost beef product is stewed beef, boiled rice, and steamed kales. The menu is said to be a low cost because it does not require too much of ingredients in order to make it. The beef contains vitamin A, folate and calcium especially when the beef with borne is used to make stew and the soup is added. The internal temperature the entrée ought to be cooked to should be 160 degrees F. the best preparation method for this chosen cut of beef is stewing. The stewed beef will only need the onions, tomatoes, and cooking oil, but it should need side dishes. The side dishes will consist of rice bran, which will require only boiling. Rice bran is rich in calcium. Ginger will …

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