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I am making an application for a medical scholarship through the Gates Millennium scholarship in reference to the advertisement made by Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation Grants. The reason behind my application is that am interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine.

As a senior in High School am hoping to attain good grades that will qualify me to apply for the medical course. Through this scholarship am hoping to go through my degree program and after completion impact on members of the society in Mississippi.The reason for my application of scholarship is because my parents are financially incapable of supporting me through the program as they are old and retired teachers. I had financial struggles throughout my high school academics but because of donation and persistence I have always dreamed of being a doctor since I was kid and I hope that I will get the opportunity to fulfill that dream through your program.

The second reason for application is that the state I come from one of the poorest state in the USA. Throughout my childhood, I would see the struggles that people in my society underwent due to lack of funds. I remember a close sick friend of mine who passed away because his parents could not afford medicine, this instance increased my desire to do medicine and support people of my community by providing services there at affordable prices.

I would be grateful if you would go through my application and see that I have had a successful academic career despite the many struggles that I have faced. I have enclosed my profile with the important academic certificates required by the scholarship board and hope to get a positive response after examination.

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