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Cartel Organized Crime Group


The current paper will discuss Los Zetas, which is a Mexican drug smuggling cartel. Los Zetas is a Mexican criminal organization engaged in international drug trade and other types of criminal activity. This drug cartel is completed with deserters of elite units of the Mexican Army (Special Forces GAFE (Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales) and BFP, associated with corrupt officials from the federal government and local administrations and police officers, in addition, the cartel entered Guatemala’s former military.


This group of highly skilled criminals first appeared as an army Hired Mexican criminal organization Golfo cartel. Since then, as the cartel leader Cardenas Guillen Osel was arrested, Zetas have taken a leading position in drug trafficking. Since February 2010, Los Zetas gained independence and became enemies of their former partners / employers of the Golfo cartel.Heriberto Lazcano (leader) was killed in October 2012 in a shootout with marines in northern Mexico. Office for Combating Drugs (DEA) regards it as a grouping of the most brutal, thrilling tourists from the United States for ransom Los Zetas has expanded their activities at the expense of Italy with the help of Ndrangheta (Keuris).

The name of the drug cartel “Los Zetas” was the first Chief of the group - a retired army Lieutenant Arturo Guzman Desena, radio code which, at the time of service to them in the Federal Police of Mexico was «Z1». He was given a high rank officer.At the end of the 90 Golfo Cartel leader Cardenas Guillen Osel for their own defense decided to find and kill rival cartel members. He began taking his service of former soldiers of the elite units of the Mexican Army. The commandos of GAFE were trained in the tactics of the fight against the guerrillas and drug trafficking. The best recruit was Arturo Guzman Desena, who was dismissed from the army after serving five years of a foot soldier. Together with them, he led the cartel 30 deserters from GAFE, tempted by higher wages.

Later the role of division “Los Zetas” has been expanded: they began to collect the debts and provide delivery of cocaine and safety of trade routes known as “area”. Also, the group engaged in cartel executions of opponents, often with brutality.In 2002, the year in a restaurant in Matamoros was killed during one of the fights, Arturo Guzman Desena, his deputy - Rogelio Gonzalez Pisena («Z2») was captured in October 2004 and thus achieved Lazcano power. In view of strengthening their competitors Sinaloa cartel established its own armed unit - Los Negros. This group acts in a similar style, but more simple.

Since the arrest of the leader Golfo Cartel Cardenas Guillen Oselya, “Los Zetas” gradually refused to cooperate with a golf cartel Beltran Leyva and to build its own network. The final break came in February 2010; since January 2010, “Los Zetas” suffered considerable organizational and territorial losses (U. S. Department of Homeland Security).In February 2010 “Los Setas” and his alliance cartel “Beltran Leyva” started the war against …

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