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Microbiology Paper

Development of sophisticated components is required especially in the development of antimicrobial drug design, to make their compounds and molecules effective. Therefore, this requires integration of structural knowledge in the manufacturing of antimicrobial medicine.

Molecular docking is one of the essential practices of coming up with drugs, as it helps in the hindrance of the activity of the pathogen attacking the body. This also requires one to get an understanding of the structure of the pathogen, which is vital in coming up with a significant molecular docking (Tegos & Mylonakis, 2012). Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to note a theoretical approach in designing an effective antimicrobial medication. The antimicrobial medication that will be used in this is case is Polymyxin. The magic bullet that will be used in this case is Polymyxin. Polymyxin is an antibiotic that is categorized as an N-monoacetylated decapeptides that is normally produced by Bacillus polymyxa.

Polymyxin is an effective antibiotic that is given orally, and once it is absorbed into the body system, it is transferred to all the body parts. This includes the heart, kidney, lungs, skeletal muscle, and it is excreted through the urine tract (Rivere & Papich, 2013). Polymyxin can be used in treating bacterial infections, for instance, the drug can be used to treat the Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter bacteria, which are not easily removed by other antibiotics. The drug has few effects on the body, as it does not injure the kidney when preventing bacterial septicemia (Papich, 2014).

The drug can also be used as an antifungal and antiviral medication because it is used to control Urinary Tract Infections, which are either viral or fungal infections (Lights & Boskey, 2015). Meningitis is also a viral infection that is controlled by the drug Polymyxin. Polymyxin is considered to have cationic detergent properties. This is because they penetrate through the cell membrane of any living organism, and destroys their structure. Therefore, this gives the drug the ability to kill parasitic worms (Rivere & Papich, 2013).

Polymyxin will penetrate through the cell structure of the parasitic worm, and destroy its structure, therefore, killing it. This gives it the properties of an anthelminthic antimicrobial medication. The drug will be tested on an animal that portrays the symptoms of a fungal, viral, bacterial, and helminth infection. The purpose of this is to measure the effectiveness of the medicine. In conclusion, the properties that are portrayed by Polymyxin, and how they portray its significance in creating an antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anthelminthic drug.


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