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Minimum Wage Discussion Post

First of all, it should be stated that minimum wage is a basic guaranty for those who do not have any working experience to have big enough sum of money for their work. It is calculated accurately with aim for those people to be able to pay their bills with that money they get. If there will be no fixed minimum wage, employers will be able to violate the basic rule of paying equivalently to the amount of work done. As well it can lead to discrimination on the work field, which we could have seen one hundred years ago.

So this can be a step back for our society. On the other hand, every state of the country has its own particularities, so the minimum wage covers all the life expenses differently in different states, and in some does not cover at all. As well, having minimum wage fixated sometimes may seem useless, as it can drive some small business out of business or hurt some non-profit organizations. (Messerli) As well it makes employers employ illegal workers or immigrants or simply employ people from other countries. This leads to general unemployment among Americans and hurts American economic system. Anyway, abolishing minimum wage can lead to even greater unemployment among American citizens, especially adult ones. Those adults who work for minimum wage at the moment are most likely to lose their job and be replaced by teenagers, who agree to work for less money and obviously have more potential. As well minimum wage shows that State really cares about its citizens and protects their basic human rights, even though some people may consider it to be an example of government trying to control all the social spheres of life.

My opinion is that minimum wage should not be abolished as in some point it gives American people an opportunity to live the life they want to live. Even though, it can’t be raised as it can harm economic system and even destroy some of the businesses.

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