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Brand Pages I Liked

Three of the social media platforms I like are Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I use Twitter to remain updated about news and current events as well as information shared or “tweeted” by influential people that I “follow” on the social media site. I can create lists on Twitter. I created a “News and Current Events” list and have added the Twitter accounts of news outlets. Hence, my use of Twitter enables me to remain updated of current events and news, as well as important issues – trending issues – that may be stimulating topics of conversation.

When I go through my feed, I can easily read the headlines as they are posted. I use Instagram to share photos and to view the photos posted by family, friends, and other people I follow. For this reason, Instagram enables me to interact with family and friends through photographs.

I use Pinterest to create boards of photographs on current interests. Pinterest is useful to me because through the site, I am able to curate pictures and content that I might need when finding inspiration or guide to create different types of projects. To engage users, I believe that Instagram should allow users to easily share or repost photographs. At present time, Instagram users can only repost or “regram” photos using a different application. I think that photographs would more likely go viral if users can easily repost photographs by other users. As for Twitter, I think that users can share more information if the company increases the text limit from 140 characters to 160 to 180.

In this way, it would be easier for users to construct their tweets and share complete ideas. ReflectionSocial media plays an important role in advertising and the brand’s overall communication strategy. Social media is a tool that contributes to a brand’s communication strategy because it facilitates communication and interaction. As proven by successful brands, users are able to get to know them if brands facilitate intelligent and practical conversations that would generate users’ interest and response (Hiwaizi & White 2014, 4). Such are the conditions of viral content online. Online content that ‘go viral’ are those that generate interest as well as controversy. The content must be interesting enough to have online users respond to or talk about it with family and friends. Furthermore, content must be interesting enough to influence users to share them in their social networks. Consequently, sharing increases the viewership of advertising content.

Unlike other advertising tools, social media facilitates engagement with the audience. In traditional advertising, tools are one-way such that people are merely consuming the content of advertisements or promotional materials. Social media, however, is different. It allows engagement and two-way interaction because the audience can interact with the brand directly and vice versa.

Brands should take advantage of this by interacting with users. Brands should use social media as a means to respond to questions or generate comments and feedbacks from users. In this way, the brand would be …

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