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Motivation in Project Management

According to Kailash Awati, an intrinsic project team member finds motivation from doing something that he or she desires doing while extrinsic project team member is motivated by external things or factors that do not necessarily related to what he or she is doing (Schmid, Bernhard., & Adams, Jonathan 2008). For this reason, motivating an intrinsic project team members would require one to focus on improving the working conditions and terms. On the other hand, to motivate an extrinsic project team member, I would improve on the external factors and conditions such as the salary.

The author lists some of the factors that may cause motivation to erode or decline within a project. Some of the factors are; missing top management support, inequity in the reward system, time overruns, schedule conflicts, and personal conflicts between team members (Schmid, Bernhard., & Adams, Jonathan 2008). However, as a project manager, I can motivate my project team with the existence of these negative organizational influences. There is a close relationship between these negative factors and the ability of a project manager to communicate effectively. Having the ability to communicate well with the team members and with the top management, I believe I will be able to lessen the negative impact of these factors on motivation.

The greatest motivational practice that I would use as a project team manager is effective communication with team members (Kerzner 2013). I would ensure that I provide positive, and constructive feedback to the team members. Most importantly, I would engage in personal conversations with the team members to develop an understanding of the individual team members to ensure a good match of their skills to the tasks I assign them.

What motivates me as a project manager is seeing the team members work with passion and dedication on the assigned tasks. I feel satisfied in seeing the team members getting satisfied in the working conditions and other factors that relate to the project. I would ensure to sustain a continuous communication with the team members to ensure that motivation is constant throughout the project.


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