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Motorsports Essay

Human society always was found of action and adventures. World’s famous Olympic motto repeats: “Citius, Altius, Fortius !“ or “Faster, Higher, Stronger!” For many people and sportsmen of all epochs and periods of history “Citius” or “Faster” was the main slogan of their sport. According to Spivey (2005) the first 776 BC Ancient Olympics’ Games in Greece disciplines like cross running and marathon running were the most famous disciplines with fighting and wrestling. According to Kohne (2000) years ago in Roman Empire first prototype of modern racing - Chariot races became as popular, as Gladiatorial Fights. Roman spectators were very excited and interested of this high speed and risky disciplines.

Many years after this Ancient Olympic Games and Roman Empire Games technical revolution presented us an internal combustion engine run by gasoline invented, according to Gupta (2012), by Wilhelm Maybach and Gotlieb Wilhelm Daimler in 1885. This huge invention brought Olympic motto “Faster” to the new level – Modern Motorsports Era. In our research paper we will explore and investigate an important aspect of motorsports as historical implications, economic and social issues, cultural perspectives and even the science behind the Motorsports world. We will also pay attention on key figures and races, and historical events in the Motorsports world. It is very important to separate motorsports racing into two main disciplines: Automobile Racing and Motorcycle Racing. At the early beginning of motorsports era there were no separation between these disciplines, but nowadays there are two different racing worlds, with their own rules and traditions. However the first motor race was the Paris–Rouen also known as “Le Petit Journal Competition for Horseless Carriages” in 1894. 102 different racers on cars, motorbikes, tricycles and quad bikes participated in this competition. Only 21 of them were qualified to start this race and just 17 had finished.

The average speed was just 19 km\hour. Paris confidently became the main city in the motorsports world, most of the races were held in France with popular city-to-city races like Paris–Bordeaux–Paris or Paris–Madrid race. The first regular motorsports event took its place in Nice, France and was unofficially named “The speed week”. First drag, sprint and hill climb races were also held there. According to Flink (1990) the first motor race in USA was the Thanksgiving Day Chicago Times-Herald race held on November 28, 1895 around Chicago Area, IL. This race impulse American auto industry and gave birth to motorsports racing in USA. However it is better naming these events not races, bur rallies, because there were no special circuits or tracks for these events, just regular public roads and pathways. Auto industry developed rapidly that years and already in 1907 there were held a transcontinental rally from Peking (China) to Paris (France). According to Schipper (2008) this race covered near 15000 km and gave birth to endurance racing and rallies. Four of five participants finished this race spent near 1 month on racing roads.

Motorsports is very adventures kind of sport, so in 1908, just one …

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