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Movie Review: Seabiscuit

First of all, it is essential to refer to the fact that the plot of “Seabiscuit” is grounded on the same-name bestseller of Laura Hillenbrand. This movie represents the life stories of three men and the horse, contrasted to the backdrop of the current times. I have enjoyed this movie because in the scope of its plot, it is possible to see the real state of affairs of the times when US have been brought to its knees by the Great Depression.

The core issue, which was critical for the nation at that timeframe, was something, people, should believe in. There was a factor, which has simplified the calculus of the movie – the New Deal of Roosevelt and Seabiscuit. In the case if some other underdog as Seabiscuit was able to win against more famous and larger horses with the outstanding pedigrees, there was a chance for anyone else to get life motivation. The plot of a movie may be referred as the representation of the sports movie in its classic structure with some setback occurring before the big race at the end. At the same time, it is essential to refer to the fact that in the case with Seabiscuit, it has the slow starter.

One of the most outstanding features of the film is the fact that it is not the author’s mistake for treating the horse like a human being. At the same time, Seabiscuit is represented as the horse with its ability of very fast running and at the same time, inability to lose, when it is motivated and guided by Pollard’s firm love and Smith’s strategy Additional emphasis should be put on the fact that the races of the movie are thrilling, since both writer-director (Gary Ross) and John Schwartzman (cinematographer) have got amazingly close to the action. That is why it is a complicated issue for viewer to figure out the precise dislocation of the camera due to the fact that the action seems to be suspended at some points between two horses, which are desperately striving and their jockeys.

Finally, this movie gives much better understanding of the core difficulties and dangerous aspects of riding animals in a race. In some cases, the jockeys are the friends, while, in others they are the mortal enemies: in the timeframe of the races they often shot at one another. In some cases, such mechanisms work while in others, they are improbable to some extent - as in the case when Red has said “goodbye” to his friend as soon as the winning was approached by Seabiscuit. It is obvious that the competition occurs not only among the horses, but among their owners as well. Even while taking into account the fact that “Seabiscuit” has some weakness, the indifference to betting is the major curious of the movie.

The bettors bet and the horses' race. Additional emphasis should be put on the fact that the interrelation between the better and the horses in this context …

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