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Movie Synopses

London has fallen

The Movie London has fallen uses English and Japanese as the only language with around fifty-five cases of coarse language. When the prime minister of Britain dies, powerful leaders from all over the world gather in London to pay their respect to one of the most powerful leaders. The terrorists infiltrate the security of Britain, headed by a Middle East arms dealer whose mission is to revenge after a drone accidently killed his daughter. Without any prior warning, terrorists launch a devastating attack which leaves the city in ruins and chaos. Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) who is a secret service agent quickly gets into action to bring the president of the united states Benjamin Usher (Aaron Eckhart) to a safe place.

When Usher gets into the hand of a sinister Organization, it is upon Banning to rescue his commander in chief from this frightening state.The character of interest is Gerard Butler who acts as Mike Banning; he is a special agent heading the presidential protection Division and a secret service agent. He injects the movie with more adrenaline and more touch of humor.It uses sexual exclamation in a non- sexual context. There are few instances where the movie uses scatological slang, cursing, profanity, vulgar expression and statements, questions, exclamation marks.

That ain't no small thing but I will do is an example of scatological slang used in the movie. “Fuck this shit out of me” is an example of a vulgar statement in a non-sexual context.”What is happening?” is an example of a question. “Ooh Jesus! There has been a massive attack….” “We only need to get it right once” is an example of a statement. This italized statement is very important in that helps to show the situation at that moment when the characters cannot afford to make any mistakes.

Task two.

Royal festivals

This is a story of Japanese royal festivals.

The characters are the dancers, the royal maids, the chief maid, the queen and the king. The festival starts when one of the royal maids outside the festive arena is nervous about the food prepared for the king. It a tradition during such royal festive seasons that the guests eat and get entertained by the dancers. Immediately when the songs start to sing the palace maids come, walking uniformly in between the spaces among the dancers. Some of the palace maids have blues robes and others are putting on Maroon robes.

The dancers dance uniformly as they move around carrying flowers following some set patterns.

ScriptPalace maid 1: (astonished) oh my! The festival has just started and hopes that all goes well.

The king: (greetings to the queen) how are you doing?

The Queen: (smiling) I am doing perfect your highness, thank you.

Palace maid 2: ( setting the table) Good afternoon your majesty.

The king: Good afternoon to you.

Palace maid 2: I am doing fine, thank you (She goes away).

The queen: Welcome and enjoy the meal your majesty.

The king: Thank you so much (eating).

The chief maid :( commanding the other maids) bring the …

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