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MS Project Familiarization

Can you imagine a situation, when you have only three days before you open your new shop? Finally, you figure out that it is not prepared yet. The repair work is not complete, equipment is not fixed and the showcase is far from being created. You are trying to hurry and perform all the work on time, but you lack resources and coordination of efforts. As a result, you fulfill the majority of tasks poorly, miss the deadline and overextend your budget.

Analyzing the results of the project, you understand that it is crucial to plan the activities precisely, to take into account all the materials in advance and to calculate all the variable and possible deviations from a plan. Moreover, you might need qualified workers, which means you need to coordinate their efforts as well.

During the next project, you are trying to perform all the calculations in mind and portray them on the paper. This is a very difficult route, which requires a lot of energy. Making these preparations in your head is a hard mental work. Furthermore, you might miscalculate crucial elements or even forget about them. Despite the importance of this work, you may pass it to a third party – Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project is a simple and convenient tool, which provides users with robust project management tools, perfectly combining reliability, power and flexibility so the user can manage projects more efficiently and correctly. The program enables the users to manage project work, schedules, resources and finances in order to maintain the consistency of the team (What is Microsoft Project?). With the help of the program, the project manager can prepare variety of reports in order to track every component of his project.

From a user’s experience, the program has a very clear and friendly interface. The process of working in Microsoft Project is not harder than the process of working in Microsoft Excel. The program supports many languages, so that every person is able to use it no matter his place of origin. The program provides users with great amount of project templates, which appear to be extremely useful for those who are new to the application. Moreover, Microsoft Project supports its customers with special assistant (Project Guide). It helps to master the management of projects in a more convenient and interactive way, by guiding the newcomers through the process of project creation, its configuration, management of tasks and resources, reports of the status and information about the project.

Unlike other products of Microsoft, MS Project is an application, which is designed for a single purpose – management of projects. It has all the required tools and services to assist the project from the very begging to its end. For example, Microsoft Project allows users to specify a sequence of processes, which makes the scheduling activities more flexible, intuitive and reliable. It is possible to construct it using MS Word or MS Excel, but no one guarantees that it …

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