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Music Lyrics

The main aim of this essay is to observe a generation vanity, heard through lyrics by John Tierney. This essay describes narcissistic aspects using five current songs to support the idea. We observe the meaning of such terms as “narcissism” and “generation vanity”. In addition, the influence of modern music and lyrics are defined. Music LyricsThe New York Times typed an article “A Generation Vanity, heard through lyrics” on the findings of a famous psychologist Dr. Nathan DeWall and other his colleagues concerning narcissism that is becoming more and more popular among college students and even adults (

According to Dr. Jean M. Twenge`s opinion, love was easy at the beginning of 1980s. However, nowadays more songs are about one person, about his individual thoughts and feeling that affect his personality. For instance, there were a lot of songs with lyrics about two people, their mutual interests, love and wishes like “Endless Love” by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross. They sing – “There is only you in my life, the only thing that is right, my first love, you are every breath that I take, you are every step I make”. Modern Talking with his lyrics “You are my heart, you are my soul, I keep it shining everywhere I go”. Modern songs are concentrated on other feelings and emotions like anger, cruelty, and antisocial behavior. The notion of “I and my” is emphasized more often. For example, “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James with the lyrics “I said my life is a highway, these are my rules this is my way, you do not like it you can fly away”. This is an example of anger, he denies world with its rule and transfer his ideas and beliefs to the public.

Another example was presented by Beyonce in the song with feministic and narcissistic ideas “Me myself and I”. The lyrics contain the following phrase: “Me myself and I” that is all I got in the end that is what I found out”. So, having heard this son, teenagers or adults can increase their mood, realized that lonely life is not so bad, you will have more time for your personality. It could be worse to live with a man or a women, because a spouse had to cope with mutual problems every day. “Love myself” by Hailee Steinfeld is another example of narcissism that agitates for loving yourself and that is all: “Gonna love myself, no, I do not need anybody else”. Fall out Boys group had a song “I Do Not Care”, where can be found the words “Erase myself and let go, these friends, they d not love you, they just love the hotel suits”. This song pushed a person to think more about him and to take care only about his person.

Nowadays, the phenomenon of Narcissism is growing, more and more people are suffering from narcissistic personality disorder with self-esteem, extraversion, dominance and assertiveness. Except parents, celebrities plays very important role in the spread …

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