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In economics, when there are two people who come together and decide to make an exchange in relation to the good or labor in exchange of money, then the two parties will be benefiting from each other, bringing about a mutual beneficial relationship. In a mutual beneficial relationship all the involved parties in a particular transaction have to give up something in order to obtain the thing that they prefer. This can be a commodity that a particular party has been longing for.

On the other hand, it may be that they are in need of money and therefore will exchange for something that in their view feel that it is in an inferior commodity and that particular time.In these forms of business models, in order for the transaction to take place, there has to be participation from the two parties who will agree on the sharing of the resources in things such as finance, knowledge and even people. Over the years, there has been an on-going debate in relation as to whether the relationship between surrogate mothers and the subsequent parents of a child is a mutual beneficial relationship. In this paper, it presents an argument in regards Hochschild’s business model on mutual benefits. In regards to this issue of surrogacy and parents of a child it involves a surrogate mother allowing her womb to be used or leased out for a period of nine months in order for her to bear a baby for another woman. She has to nurture herself during that period in order to give birth to a healthy baby. In this case, her womb will be implanted by the sperm of the husband and the egg of the woman where it will then grow into a baby, who after it is born, will be taken by the parents as their own child. In exchange for leasing her womb and ultimately her body, the woman will be provided with money as per their agreed terms (Hochschild 418).

In this case that has been highlighted, the couple could not conceive a child and therefore, they went and leased this service from an Indian surrogate mother. According to statistics, it shows that; India has become a popular destination for foreigners who are in need of the assisted reproductive technologies. The local clinics in the area have been seen to promote these surrogate arrangements because they are regarded as being lucrative. For couples such as Tim and Lily, hiring surrogates in India is also ideal for them based on the fact that the whole process will only cost them about $5,000-20,000.For most of these surrogate mothers, the financial gain or motivation that they receive for undertaking this process is what makes them do it. It is estimated that; there are thousands of women in the country who have very few economic opportunities, and therefore they see it as an ideal channel for them to earn money in a legal manner.

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