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My Belief

As a person of some intelligence and moral standing, I incline to the view that I was brought on this earth not only to speak for myself but also for those who are unable to speak for themselves in the face of difficulties and injustice. Therefore, I would take it as my duty to speak through different means about issues in the society.

Notably, speaking about affairs and issues affecting the society should not be viewed as inciting some people against others or a disobedience of the status quo. Therefore, I believe in the voice of the people to highlight the plight of other people in any nation. Although in the past the responsibility of speaking for the people has been a preserve of the media, the emergence of the social media platforms has given all the people an opportunity to speak for others. Moreover, social media platforms are useful in educating societies about their rights as well as about the responsibility of the government to its people.

As indicated, I believe in speaking for those who are unable to speak for themselves using the social media platforms. Moreover, highlighting issues affecting the society through social media is simple given that a person can identify issues in any place where he lives. However, teenagers in both the developed and the developing world have are using the social media in the wrong way in my opinion. Although the platforms are interactive, people need to do more to ensure that social media such as Facebook and Twitter are educative to the society. Additionally, there is a need for training on the productive use of the social media among members of the society in both the developed and the developing world.

For instance, schools and colleges may introduce in their curriculum contents touching on the productive use of the social media.Moreover, I expect that any individual has a choice to make about how they can use the social media to highlight issues that demean human life. Some of these issues include; hunger, poor health facilities and police brutality. In the event that such issues are not identified and discussed, then human race is at risk of suffering. As a result, speaking about the issues mentioned is an obligation of any person who finds time and privilege to use the social media. Interestingly, I am no exception of such category of people and that is why I believe that I should speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves. I do believe that through speaking someone somewhere listens and a change may occur. Yes I believe in the power of the word through social media.I refuse to accept the backward notion that speaking about issues that affect the society through the social media amounts to attacking the government in unruly manner. I stick to my belief that nations can achieve equality in delivery of services to the public if every user of the social …

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