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My Career and Experience

I do not have too much experience that could influence my career up to now. I attended an art school from middle school to undergraduate school. I have studied in art environment for many years. Despite my brief experience, I found that what I am really concerned is art students’ future and how to give them a chance of keeping their dreams in order to create more artworks.

Finally, it is also breathing a new life into the art world.I wanted to be an artist or a painter at the beginning of my undergraduate course in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), but my view concerning the future career was changed after I had found a lot of talents hanging around the Art Sales, listless and discouraged about their works on which they spent much time and energy and which turned out to be nothing but colored pieces of paper hardly attracting curious eyes.

What a tragedy it is to those people who have a gift for arts and can never be exhibited, just because they have no chance to promote their artwork and they do not have necessary skills by means of which their works can be best sellers.There are many true stories about the artists whom I know which make me more enthusiastic with my ideas. Thus, I have a classmate. She is also from China. She uses unique techniques, skills, and ideas of painting creation. However, her living conditions were dire, and she had no money to buy all the materials necessary for painting.

She tried to sell her artworks many times, however, there were no galleries or agents who would like to help her. Finally, she had no money for living, and she had to give up painting and to return to her hometown. In most cases, painting materials and education are expensive too much for a usual international art student. Some of my friends cannot organize their life after graduation too, so they go back to their native towns and choose other jobs. Apart from this, there are many people who give up being artists for other reasons. However, I still feel disappointed when I meet some students who are real art lovers and talented artists and who have to stop their professional art careers.There is a conflict between fine art and money. What I want to do is to balance this contradiction and either to change our art world and to implement something new into it or to give a chance to beginning artists and let them carry their talents and ideas to the world. At the same time, they would have a possibility to have good living standards. Therefore, I have decided to become a good manager to help those potential artists who do not know how to promote themselves and their masterpieces.

I want to create an international auction house to list student’s artworks in order to help them. A company does …

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