My Life in Samasthiti. What I Learned about Myself Through Yoga. essay sample

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My Life in Samasthiti. What I Learned about Myself Through Yoga.

Since I started practising Yoga, I have experienced numerous changes in different aspects of my life. Comparing my present life after engaging in Yoga and my past life before I started engaging in Yoga, I can only appreciate the changes that have taken place since then. My life has changed for the better and I cannot regret the decision to engage in yoga. This paper will examine my personal experiences and lessons learned through engaging in Yoga. Specifically, the paper will examine the emotional, physical as well as the interpersonal relationships. The emotional benefits that I have accrued from engaging in Yoga are immense. One of such benefits is stress reduction. Initially, before I started engaging in Yoga, I used to have very stressful days. The stress affected my interpersonal relationships with those who I interacted with and most people considered me to be unfriendly and anti-social.

This was however due to the stressful days that I was having in my place of work. Deep inside myself, I was fully aware that the attitude that I was having towards other people was as a result of the stress that emanated from place of work. For the best part of my life especially when I was not working, I was a totally different person as I was very social and liked interacting with people. The situation suddenly changed when I was employed as the job was very stressing due to deadlines that had to be met and the high performance expectations that emanated from my superiors. When I started engaging in Yoga, all the stress immediately came to an end and I regained my personality. Working in a stressing environment not only poses a threat to the emotional well being of the worker but also to the physical well being.

Emotional stress usually emanates from the mental burden that is placed upon the employees by their employer. In some instances, the employee is unable to cope with the burden and this leads to emotional stress. This is the situation that I experienced when I was employed and the inability to cope with the new work environment led to visible sign of stress. Physically, I was also very stressed as the number of hours that I worked in a day were more than the standard working hours. Although it was not a policy of the organization to have employees work for the extra hours, the high expectations placed upon the employees made it impossible for most of them to complete their work within the stipulated time. Many employees therefore had to extend so as to complete their daily work. The extended working hours places physical stress on the employees thereby limiting their effectiveness in other areas that require their attention and concentration.

Through my experience with Yoga, I have been in a position to relief my physical stress. The stretching positions that are …

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