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My Role As a Citizen

Every person on our planet has its own unique role, being a mother or a father of their children, being a child to their parents and being a citizen of the earth. It cannot be ignored, transferred or even abandoned that is an inevitable part of human being.

A person can change his name, nationality or gender, but he cannot change or nullify his role as a citizen of the earth. In order to maintain balance, each thing, element and person have to follow their roles on the Earth. It is usually hard to identify and define the corresponding role for a person, due to rapid changes in the world. However, sooner or later, a person starts his attempts to investigate the environment, trying to define the purpose of being on earth. Some people reject it, creating an imbalance and cognitive dissonance which led to depressions and mind-body problems. I am fully aware that I have to find the purpose without bludgeoning it and a place on the order of life circle and follow my goal effectively, helping my planet to develop and remain livable.

The role of our society and my role are the same, it is only covertly in different forms such as teachers, athletes, researches or politicians and it has already been defined by the nature. My role as a citizen is to maintain a balance, being an empathize, volunteering personality, to be simply a man that lives and serves for his family, his society and for God. In order to be a successful person, I have to be a part of the whole life in our society, to understand people around me, to understand the nature, influence of the society on the fate of my life, to feel the response of my thoughts in the society.

The formation of the universe integrity in the human mind and the disclosure of the meaning of life allow a person to become successful and to change society for better, and thereby change their destiny. The main thing is to have the desire and the desire to disclose the truth and understanding of life processes in the …

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