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Mysterious Philippines “The Price of Power”

At the first mention of the film “The Price of Power” most of us and other movie critics think about world famous spaghetti western directed by Tonino Valerii. More attentive critics could remember some 1916 Price of Power films. But in real fact our paper is about "Philippines: The Price of Power".

The actual "Philippines: The Price of Power" is a film produced and directed by Jeffrey Chester and Charles Drucker, unheard film directors from United States of America. In this film they attempted to show the events of the "People Power" revolution in 1986.It is important to realize the importance of this “People Power” revolution for Philippians, because this revolutionary movement was forced by several reasons, as murder of Benigno Aquino, Jr. in 1983, corruption during Marcos regime 1965-1986 and finally by different frauds and machinations during the 1986 Presidential Elections. This film tells us about the historical and social background of this Revolution and according to Icarus films (2015) this film explores the mountain homeland of a traditional Filipinos group, the Igorots. Many years Igorots, who were self-sufficient farmers and fought for many years against the large dam project, which could destroy their own lands and culture. Many years this opposition was totally peaceful, but finally Igorots became radically-minded and joined the Communist guerrilla movement, the New People’s Army (NPA).

This film was a tribute for this powerful and independent nation, which were not afraid to opposite the armed government. I think that they made this movie to show the world this unique historically events in Philippines. Despite, the idea of glorifying of this act of bravery, this film failed, but still is an important sample of the Philippians "People Power" revolution in 1986, which is according to Katsiaficas (2013) almost totally unknown for other countries, but is still a big date in their history.

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