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Narrative Story

I was born in Canada and lived here all my life; as such I have undertaken all my schooling in the Canadian education system. For this reason, I tend to believe that the social interaction and communication experiences that I have had in Canada have played a central role in building my Canadian Identity.

Since I was born into a social group, my understanding of whom and what I am is related to the larger Canadian society which I am a part. In determining my identity, I greatly value the input of other people I am directly and indirectly involved with in social interaction.

As such, the response of those around me has played a crucial role in giving me an identity. My experience in constructing my identity relates to the socialization theory, which argues that as humans, we are born into groups, families; live, and learn in institutions and groups and communicate what we learned to the next generation (Grusec & Hastings 2014, pg. 22). For instance, I was born into Canada, a society that continuously experiences a growth of diversity in culture, language, and religion. Through interaction and communication with people around me, I was able to learn this aspect of the Canadian society, and I have effectively integrated it into my identity.

The socialization theory attempts to explain why societies function the way they do by focusing on the relationships between the various institutions that make up the societies. Such institutions include religion, education, law, and the government. According to this theory a society that supports social life needs to ensure that various activities are carried out to fulfill certain needs. In such a model, individuals in the society produce needed goods and services in various institutions and roles that correlate with the norms of the society. For this reason, this theory clearly shows how the structure of society affects people. In another explanation of the socialization theory, “each individual is born into a cultural and social setting; which may include a family, social class, language, community, and religion” (Grusec & Hastings 2014, pg. 16).

The individual then then develops various social connections. For instance, the characteristics of my social setting as a Canadian citizen has significantly affected how I learn to think and behave in accordance to the culture and practices of the Canadian society. From this example, it can be deduced that the socialization theory shows how the structure of society affects people.

Definitely, the Canadian society will shape me in a different way based on how people treat each other in the society. It is most likely that I will adopt the general behavior of the Canadian people due to the regular interactions with them. For instance, most of the shared political values and beliefs in Canada relate to social justice.

In this context, social justice refers to the ides of fairness. In a society that upholds social justice, individuals and various institutions in the society respect and protect …

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