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“Nashville” concert is organized by the ABC media house on a yearly basis. So far, the concert has been organized for two years and will be airing its 2016 series next month. The fans are always kept on the wait for their favorite show, as it features stars from their favorite “Nashville” episodes, aired on ABC. The paper presents an analysis of the recently concluded 2015 ABC series of the “Nashville” concert, identifying the main characters in the show, type of music performed, instruments, color, rhythm, tune, texture, harmony, form and relevance of music.The April, 29th, 2015 Nashville show, held in New York, featured performances from Clare Bowen (Scarlett O’Connor), Charles Esten (Deacon Claybourne), Chris Carmack (Will Lexington), Maisy and Lennon.

The main musical instruments at the show were acoustic and electric guitars, piano, bass guitar, double-bass and drums. One of the important and memorable moments of the concert is a piece called “This Town” – a haunting and beautiful composition, performed by the duet of Clare Bowen and Charles Esten. TimbreIt presented a combination of arpeggiated piano notes moving through the minor chords with the hi-hat setting moderate tempo. Piano played a supporting role for the vocal part that lead the melody line. Bowen sang in a moderate tempo, letting the notes of her voice ring to adapt to the piano line with Charles Esten joining her through the second part of performance. It created the mood of tranquility. Piano performance used dueling technique of playing the same sequence of notes in different octaves, adding the bold feeling and a strong support for the vocal part. The break between the vocal parts, before Esten starts singing along, is when double-bass and slightly overdriven guitar came in, creating an atmospheric and a slightly darkened tone. TuneThe piece featured harmonious synchrony between the performers and both vocalists created perfect harmonic balance with complex piano line, double-bass, guitar parts and the pulsating, almost clock-like hi-hats rhythm. The melody part was lead by the vocalists, which made it easy to identify. The musical piece featured slow and darkened vocal timbres to reflect the constituent of the song, as the performers reflected their emotional attachment to the music.


The music performance of the piece was slow and dignified fitting the description of Largo kind of music with tempo markings ranging from 40–60 bpm (beats per minute) with the increase through the second part of the song and the interlude. The rhythmic meter in performance featured arsis stressed accents making the words and the beats that accompanied the vocals clearly identifiable. The musical piece featured emotional energy of both vocalists, which created a feeling of growing emotional attachment. The drummer did not use the bass drum or snare, keeping the rhythm solely with the help of hi-hats with the tempo increasing through the second part of the piece, creating a feeling of a something to be expected in terms of a full rhythm section, which finally came right before the guitar-driven …

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