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National Identity

Plan In Australia, the feeling of being a part of the national community can be compromised by historical notions of the “Britishness”, the stereotypes of racial exclusiveness, inadequate policies toward Aboriginal Australians, and the current problems typical of a multi-cultural community.

Goodlhall H. et al. 1994, ‘Dreaming Up the Nation’, in A. Jakubowicz (ed.), Racism, Ethnicity, and the Medeia, Sydney: Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards, pp. 53-56.

The article specifies the main constituents of national identity and shows how it can be underpinned by racial stereotypes.

Goodlhall H., Jakubowicz A., Mitchell J.A., Randall T., & Seneviratne, K. 1994. ‘Boundaries of the Nation: the Gulf War’, in A. Jakubowicz (ed.), Racism, Ethnicity, and the Medeia, Sydney: Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards, pp. 61-66.

The authors explore the problems of acculturation of Muslim and other non-Christian immigrants alerting the reading audience to the challenges of the process underpinned by racial stereotypes. The article shows the impact of the ongoing cultural processes on the national community. Jupp J. 1997. ‘Immigration and national identity: multiculturalism.’

In G. Stokes (ed.), Politics of Identity in Australia, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 1342-144.

The author claims that the contemporary Australian society still remains predominantly Anglo-Celtic, with this concept serving as the frame keeping together other element inserted, like mosaic pieces, into it. The article reveals important features of Australian national identity. Maynard J. 2007. ‘Introduction’, in Fight for Liberty and Freedom: the Origins of Australian Aboriginal Activism, Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press, pp. 1-8, 152. The article shows how Aboriginal Australians constructed their own notion of social identity, which was basically different from the mainstream “white settlers’” version. The publication helps to include important aspects concerning the national identity and community into the essay.

Pearson, W. & O’Neill, G. 2009. ‘Australia Day: a Day for All Australians?’ In D. McCrone & G. McPherson (eds.), National Days: Constructing and Mobilizing National Identity, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 73-88.

The authors show how the major symbols of the nation used to construct the national identity have the opposite effect of dividing the national community along cultural boundaries. It helps to avoid a biased approach to understanding the national community and identity

Tranter B. & Donoghue J. 2015. ‘National identity and important Australians.’ Journal of Sociology 51(2), pp. 236–251.

The article describes how different groups of people identified the main factors of Australian national identity and the ‘momentous figures’ of Australian culture. A very interesting article showing the complexity and actual state of the national community.

White, R. 1981. ‘Introduction’, Inventing Australia: Images and Identity, 1688-1960’, Sydney: George Allen & Unwin.

The author argues that the national identity is a category devoid of any important meaning, as economic and social conditions and not the national identity are the actual factors defining the life of a society. An article advances a debatable issue; good for thinking over the meaning of the category of national identity …

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