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Earthquake in Japan

An earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the earth that occurs due to the release of energy from the earth’s crust. The energy release causes seismic waves. When earthquakes occur they can cause serious problems to the entire region while some are just but the shaking minus any effect.

Therefore, an earthquake is a natural disaster that has no human power or control.On March 11th, 2011, an earthquake did occur in eastern Japan. The magnitude of the quake was a 9. It was a very disastrous scale that ended up unleashing a tsunami in the region. In the region, the nine magnitude earthquake is one of the strongest earthquakes that was ever recorded. In 2011, the Tohoku earthquake struck at the offshore of Japan were two tectonic plates were colliding (Becky, 2015). The earthquake started on a Friday at around 2.46 pm, and the shaking is estimated to have lasted six minutes.

After the quake, scientists drilled where the two tectonic plates were lying and found a clay layer that they think did allow the two plates to slide against each other.The effects of the earthquake were devastating with an estimated 15000 deaths by April 2011. The majority of the deaths occurred as individuals drowned in the waters. Moreover, close to 2500 people are still reported to be missing. The earthquake also destroyed buildings and property in areas that individuals had scampered for safety.

Moreover, the tsunami that was as a result of the quake caused a cooling failure at the nuclear plant in Japan leading in the release of radioactive waves. The tsunami and earthquake created more refugees in Japan with a shortage of water food and shelter. Scientist project the effects of the quake and the tsunami in Japan will be felt for longer decades.There was a change in the management after the natural disaster in Japan. The government mobilized and made sure there were a self-defense forces for earthquakes existing in Japan. There has also been a special request for assistance from other nations to combat the effects of the disaster. Such countries include Newzealand and United States of America.


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