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The growing population and its needs have been always pushing the progress forward. One of the main human needs is the availability of food and its nutrition quality. However, the constant access to the food also changed the demand for it: it should be visually attractive and tasty for the thoughtful price. Nestle one of the rare global companies, it feels the demand of the market and acts for the creature of the products and their delivery to all markets on all sides of the world. However, it has been under the great pressure of the scandal triggered by the media recently.

The background of Nestle

Nestle is one of the world known food and beverage producer and suppliers. At the same time, the company appeals to the health standards on its online resources for the formation of the healthy nutrition habits. The company has standards and demands for the quality and safety of its products for providing them either to adults or children. Foundation of the CompanyThe company was established in Switzerland in 1866 and named after the creator of the company’s first products – Henri Nestle. The history of the company started with the creature on the milk-based baby food and developing of the product. In the terms of the competition with Anglo-Swiss, Nestle not only worked actively on its products and their quality, but it also appealed to the expansion of the market. As the result, Henri Nestle and François-Louis Cailler, Charles Amédée Kohler, Daniel Peter created and represented Swiss milk-chocolate in 1904. In 1905, the companies decided to confluence into the Nestlé and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company and became Nestle only in 1947 with the expansion of the U.S. market. Today, Nestle has 64 products from coffee to bottled water, from breakfast cereals for adults and children to infant foods, from sauces and soups to the pet food. At the same time, the company is the biggest in the world due to its capital and investments.

Goals and Aims

The company appeals to the Nutrition, Health, and Wellness strategy that is aimed at supporting people and proclaiming the healthier lifestyle. For it, the company completes the industry-leading researches and development drives innovation and supports, it increases the amounts of the goods in its food and beverage portfolio. The company is also aimed at exploring the role of nutrition in the human life for enabling therapies to maintain or improve health. Therefore, the company has the open policy concerning its insight on global Nutrition, Health and Wellness challenges and for building partnerships with the help of the engagement of the policymakers, stakeholders and key opinion leaders for enabling the generally positive impact on the existing order. Customers ServicesThe company appeals to the needs and rights of its consumers and customer and provides the high-quality products with the help of their control. At the same time, the company wishes to enable the general improvement of the standards of the nutrition and enable the access to …

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