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Network Marketing in Business

Network may be considered as a useful way of making business, gaining new knowledge, exchanging life experience, successful deals and explaining the peculiarities of your business to other people.Those of us who spend a lot of time on airplanes know that whoever fills the next seat is pretty much the luck of the draw. In fact, you rarely know who you're going to sit next to, whether it's on a plane, at a banquet or even in your dentist's waiting room. But one thing's for sure: These people are an important captive audience you shouldn't ignore (Anderson, 1997).Networking can be considered as a form of a special kind of direct (personal) sales, in which sales agents (distributors) of the manufacturer establish independently direct contacts with potential buyers, first of all, on the basis of personal connections.Network companies are experiencing economic crises better than the linear business. Some difficulties arise in those companies that are focused on the implementation of financial services or upsell. During the crisis even increasing interest in network business can be observed - people are trying to insure, without solid assurance that their jobs are safe, and often come to networking.

Network allows a person to choose his or her own growth rates, schedule and employment, as well as business partners. Distributor network interfaces in terms of partnership, thus avoiding subordination relations. The majority of companies conducting various trainings for distributors, including those aimed at encouraging the development of personality.

People regularly receive public recognition of their results in the network companies. Improvement of personal performance leads to revenue growth of distributors. But it also leads to an increase in revenues of the company. Therefore, an atmosphere of mutual assistance and partnership usually develops in networking. The company regularly holds meetings to congratulate their distributors who have reached a certain level.

Enlarging the number of the contacts in your network is very important and not very easy thing. Look for only those people who want to change their lives, they want to change, they want to learn something new. Do not waste your time on those who are happy with everything in life, even if they are your close relatives and friends. Many people may be dissatisfied with their lives and their current position, but it does not mean that they are ready to change something. Most of them can only complain and do nothing.It is not enough simply to add people in networking; they need also to work, to train, to become leaders. In this case, they are able to convey to other people in their structure the knowledge and experience. Thus, over time, a large chain of competent partners and successful leaders will appear.

Do not just give a new member all the specific information about the product or to describe all the details of the marketing plan. All this complex, detailed, technical information will be learned later in the process.In the early stages it is important to teach how to make a list …

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