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New Hire


The purpose of the message is to instruct the new hires of McDonald’s corporation about the cultural features of the company, innovations in the apparel procedures and to give the general information about the working routine.The targeted audience of the business message is the new hires of the corporation. These are the people, who are not familiar with cultural characteristics within the company. They are mostly young and familiar with modern technologies. By the time they are hired by the McDonald’s corporation, they know almost nothing about it. They know that company operates in the industry of fast food and serves millions of people daily.As we live in the 21-st century and the majority of new hires are young people, who are familiar with high-tech, the most convenient way is to send the message through the Internet.

The choice fell on Facebook.I am going to separate the whole work into three components: planning, writing and reviewing. This action will lead to accurate time management, clear structure of the work and ensure the effectiveness of the message.Business MessageThank you for choosing our company. We highly appreciate your willingness to become a member of our friendly family. Before we start cooperating, it is necessary to clarify certain features that are crucial in contributing to the first class services of the world’s most famous fast food restaurant and understanding them.

Why is it different?

According to the company’s features and priorities, it is necessary to adhere to the standards of quality and maintain the favorable sanitary condition of premises and equipment. It means that keeping the workplace clean and fresh is the duty of the staff. The food, which is used in preparation of our dishes, should be superior. Therefore, it is obligatory to check the quality of the products before and after preparation cycle.

As the satisfaction of the customers is the core of the company’s activity, the personal of the company always maintains the good attitude towards them. Our employees always remain cheerful and calm even if the force majeure occurs.

As we live in a world of modern technologies, McDonald’s corporation uses them to ease the work of its employees. The "Made for You" program ensures that the facilities of our restaurants are always up-to-date. The installation of better equipment, computerization and use of new methods of cooking, allows employees to serve customers quickly and efficiently fulfill corporate orders.Outfit is another crucial part of being acquainted with the cultural features of our corporation. It plays an important role in the internal relations within our company and serves as the protection against sexual harassment and personal animosity. When our employees put on their nominal suits, they become untargetable for any offences. Laws and regulations within our little society protect them.Being a part of our working family is not limited by the contribution its values and tasks. All the workers respect and treat each other with dignity. More skilled and experienced employees are constantly …

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