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Nine Discussion Posts

Discussion 1

Possible Participation

Message 1

Ch. 1 Wordsmith would characterize Carla’s approach to writing as logical and precisely structured. She sees the subject in complex and divides it into multiple constituents. After creating a stable framework she goes on to build up details on each smallest element. Due to this her writing is very informative to the reader. Carla is not the type to be fascinated by her deep impression about a certain aspect of her story and follow the transition of her thoughts connected with the impression. She would rather organize the material in a structured way and add essential detail for the reader to follow her idea. Carla is trying to evoke the reader’s emotion not by focusing on a certain details in her story, which can serve as the triggers for reader’s emotion, but rather by raising a complex picture in front of the reader. Based on the multi-aspect picture and his own life experience the reader is able to induce a complex emotion by means of his mind. One more remarkable characteristics of Carla’s approach to writing is that she is able to incorporate two dimensions of the structure: the emotional and the one referring to time. Each paragraph starts with reference to the past, continues with reference to the present and ends up with reference to the future.

Discussion 2,

Possible Participation Message

Ch. 2 Wordsmith. I prefer to use multiple prewriting techniques as parts of my pre-writing strategy. Their use I determined by the complexity of potential writing. Some of the techniques can be skipped in different situations or made in my mind without actualization on paper or computer file. First of all I use brainstorming to find the major point of concern in connection to the necessary topic. I use brainstorming to find the things that are interesting for me to consider in the bounds of certain topic. I use brainstorming with various level of complexity. It often can be based not merely on two points, but many points, which I then sort according to their relevance to the topic and potential for my writing. After brainstorming I use focused freewriting to test what I have already accomplished in the process of brainstorming. Freewriting also gives me opportunities to have fun with the writing process and even find something new about myself. While I do my freewriting I am relaxed about the content of what I write and this is helpful for me to come up with something interesting. On this stage of prewriting I can change my initial intentions for a particular piece of writing, which were obtained in the process of brainstorming. If I do change the initial plan I go back to brainstorming again to develop the new concept. After that I brainstorm I once again.

Discussion 3, Possible Participation Message

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