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(direct mail)June 10, 2015111 S Michigan Ave,Chicago IL, 60603Dear David – our most valued donor: It is because of YOU that Art Institute of Chicago could become one of the best museums in the world! We truly appreciate it! A greater number of small children have a chance to get involved in art creation because of YOU. It is because of YOU that we continue to grow in recognition all over the world. Thank you for all YOU are doing for the AIC!You are our most important and most valued donor for the AIC, and we do need you!We need your help to improve the educational environment of our children and the facilities for the disabled in re-education part.The classroom lacks small chairs for children, and some of the small chairs are in need of repair.More and more small children join our art programs and we need more closet space for the parents to keep their personal belongings. Our disability facilities are worn down by the years without repair, some of the facilities need to be replaced with the new ones. We believe that we could cope with all the items listed above with the amount of funds at $7,000. We will place your name or your company's name (or logo) in our honors list of the donor on AIC website. You will obtain a half- year membership for free in addition to that. Also, we have lots of tours scheduled all the year round, so feel free to come to AIC to see how your contribution makes the environment better. In order to enhance the experience, a personal narrator will accompany you through the tour. AIC is actively developing and you are our principal supporter. Your donations attract new visitors to the museum and motivate us to grow and reach for the new horizons and innovative ideas. We need to continue with unyielding efforts for the people that enjoy art and bring more beauty to our city and the people! David, I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for supporting us!Sincerely (“Thank you” letter)May 1, 2015111 S Michigan Ave,Chicago IL, 60603Dear David – our most valued donor: Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) would like to thank you for your generous donation. This year's events and exhibitions were a great success, and we owe our thanks to you for making AIC better with each passing day. Your gift helps AIC to improve the environment of the educational department, so that we can accept more children and help them become involved in the study of art and art creation. We already have more than 200 children registered for the educational program. Your gift is especially precious and meaningful for us because it made it possible for us to upgrade and fix the facilities for the physically challenged. We are really glad to see that people with disabilities have a comfortable experience while we help them appreciate the artworks. Every part of the …
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