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Nothing Exists But So-Called Appearances

Modern thought has made significant progress, turning things into a series of events that reveal it. This would eliminate a number of dualisms, which encumbered philosophy, and replace them with the monism of the appearance.

First of all we undoubtedly freed from dualism, when appearance and reality was contrasted. There is no external any more, as well as there is no one true nature of how things are hidden from reality, the existence of which it is possible to anticipate or to assume, but which never reached, because it is always the "inside" of the object. Phenomena that show things are not internal and not external: they are each other, they all refer to other phenomena, and none of them can be chosen.So let’s investigate how the reality is being formed. The world consists of forms, which are fixed by means of perception in the form of images' projections inside the mind. Images are registered by memory. As far as consciousness has the ability to recognize using senses, memory and experience, it ultimately creates and assesses reality.

Thus, the external form of material reality becomes for consciousness reality only through the mechanism of thought and feeling. It means that material reality is becoming a reality for me only when my perception confirms its authenticity. Perception is the criterion that determines and registers what is reality and what is illusion.Carl Jung believed that our unconscious existence is real, whereas the conscious world is a kind of illusion, that with a particular aim presents itself as the reality, as a dream, which seems to be a reality as long as we do not wake up. If reality is only an illusion, it is impossible to argue that consciousness is a function of the brain. On the contrary, the brain creates a mind as well as body and all physical surroundings of man (Jung, 2012).Stephen Hawking believes that as soon as we begin to reflect on the concept of forming our environment, we meet the question whether we have reason to believe that there is an objective reality, a reality that is independent of the knowledge and belief of people.

Our everyday world, and contains its own separate reality and their own parallel worlds, though we do not suspect about them (Hawking & Mlodinow, 2010).We come to the fact that the visible material, or an appearance, becomes a reality only when it is registered with my perception. It worth noting that perception is a projection of the object. Thus, the projections that arise within conscious have the highest priority, evaluating reality as such. If there is no image in my perception, the object itself doesn't exist as well. Thus, consciousness projects itself as an objective universe and expresses itself in the form of concepts, which are the material universe. This conclusion is the result of awareness of the fact that the nature of the material universe, including human beings, is indivisible. What defines the reality …

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