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Text messaging refers to the utilization of portable network equipment, for instance, the use of mobile devices to convey short electronic messages. The messages consist of symbols and electronic texts (Smith et al., 2015). This paper comprises of a literature review and a proposal of 2 testable research questions. In addition, this paper will describe the intellectual merit of the project as well as the methodological procedures that will be followed to answer the research questions. Literature reviewText messaging in the health sector provides a suitable technique of short communication, which is easily accessible by patients and the health providers.

A study carried out by Pew Internet Research discovered that at least 91% of Americans own a cell phone and are capable of using the device to send and receive text messages for social communication (Smith et al., 2015). The mobile phones are used in health care and clinic education. In a health care setting, text messaging is employed at various levels such as communication among health care experts, contact with patients during their health care regime and as a supplement to the education (Smith et al., 2015). According to Shaw & Bosworth (2012), mobile equipment, for example, mobile phones have materialized as a means of intervention delivery that assist individuals to enhance their well-being (para 1). An investigation carried out by Ramachandran et al. (2013), established that mobile phone texting is effective in reducing the prevalence of diabetes type 2 in a sample of Indian Asian men with weakened glucose tolerance (para 1).

The outcome provides evidence-based proof that mobile phone texting is an acceptable and effective technique to give support and advice in regard to lifestyle modifications to mitigate type 2 diabetes to men who are at a higher risk (Ramachandran et al., 2013). RationaleAs argued by Shaw & Bosworth (2012), the evidence of short messaging service as an intervention device for weight loss is still at its initial stages (para 1). The results obtained are positive, but further studies are needed to establish the effectiveness of mobile phone through message texting as an intervention in health care (Shaw & Bosworth, 2012).

Research questions

Is text messaging more effective in self-monitoring regime than other methods such as the paper diary? Therefore, does text messaging enhance health in any given population group?

Intellectual merit of the project

The findings obtained from this research will provide evidence-based information that will show the impact of applying text messaging in treatment protocols. In addition, this research will provide information on how text messaging helps to perform various roles such as supportive texts and health promotions for patients with problems such as weight management with an aim of improving their well-being (Anthony et al., 2010). Additionally, this research will indicate the effectiveness of text messaging in promoting adherence. This investigation will show how the text message alerts enhance adherence (Haddad et al., 2011).


The methodology that will be employed in this research is correlational design. The choice of this method is motivated by its …

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