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Nurses’ Contract Renewal

What negotiation strategies should you use to propose contract renewal?

Nurse practitioners should understand the economic generation brought by their labor to the health industry.” For 24 hours, nurse handling fifteen patients at fifty six dollars for each case, is able to contribute eight hundred and forty dollars to the practice “(Carolyn Buppert, 2011). Granting seven days for education continuation, seven days for sick leave and twenty eight days for work leave, nurse contributes one hundred and ninety three thousand and two hundred United States dollars in twelve months. Using this base, a nurse handling twenty patients at fifty six United States dollars for each case, is able to contribute one thousand one hundred and twenty United States dollars to the practice in twenty four hours. Granting seven days for education advancement, seven days for sick leave and twenty eight days for work leave, the nurse contributes three hundred and ninety eight thousand, seven hundred and twenty United States dollars. Considering other expenses at a rate of ten percent, nurse contributes net worth of three hundred and ninety four thousand, seven hundred and thirty two United States dollars in twelve months.

What salary would you propose for contract renewal?

“Bureau of labor statistics fails to capture the reimbursement of the family nurse practitioner but brings forth a general pay as ninety two thousand six hundred and seventy united states dollars for nurses” (Ann, Griffin Perry, 2012). Salary review for nurses should also be based on the years of practice. Therefore, Nurses with five or less years of experience should earn eighty eight thousand two hundred United States dollars. The salary scale should also vary in different states. According to 2011 salary monitoring, there is minimum pay of forty six dollars in an hour for all practicing nurses. The basic salary for nurses who practiced for time exceeding thirty five hours in seven days was ninety one thousand three hundred and ten united states dollars. In this respect, having worked as practitioner for two years and handling twenty patients per day, ninety thousand united states dollars will suffice.

What are you worth to practice?

Making a forty percent cut from the total income enabled by the nurse to the practice for extra expenses, nurse handling twenty four patients in twenty four hours will have one hundred and sixty six nine hundred and twenty five United States dollars. This net pay is also subjected to fifteen percent cut so as to pay the physician who works in collaboration with the nurse. The nurse obtains one hundred and forty one thousand eight hundred and eighty seven dollars which is then subjected to a ten percent cut towards the profit of the employer. “Nurse will eventually receive one hundred and twenty seven thousand six hundred and ninety nine united states dollars” (Carolyn Buppert, 2011). Using this argument, handling twenty patients at fifty six dollars for each case in twenty four hours, salary of …

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