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Nursing Role in the Society


Karnick (2014) in his article “What Kind of Nurse Are You?” distinguishes the roles of nurses in their different capacities and lack of role clarity. These roles, according to Karnick, are the responsibilities of nurses in the care-giving process of a patient as defined by their personal beliefs and application of professional codes.

The latter are derived from moral and ethical assessments. Other conventions distinguish nursing roles as the ability of nurses to execute decision, practical and communication strategies that involve care-giving. Nursing roles are categorized into two; clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners with newer roles developing in the contemporary society; nonetheless, all nursing descriptions contribute to the overall provision of quality care to patients.

The problem arises when there is an unclear delineation of roles, thus affecting other entities involved in care giving. Lack of role clarity communication in nursing practice poses integral barriers to effective nursing practice and the achievement of quality healthcare within the society.Role clarity of nurses in the contemporary world is defined by the societal-ethical conflict. It depends on how they decipher their roles based on their belief systems or conventional ideology. Failure to communicate these roles leads to role ambiguity under the connotations of nursing performance, conceptions and expectations.

Lack of clarity makes nurses perceive conflicting ideas on the expectations of patient and other health practitioners since they respond to specific demands as required by their job descriptions. These roles are either communicated appropriately or ambiguously, which are in turn decoded to fit their contextual environments.

Poor communication skills also lead to lack of role clarity thereby contradicting the initial perceived ethical codes of nursing practice.Lack of role clarity subjects nurses to less organizational commitment, stress at work, and lack of job satisfaction thereby leading to poor care delivery and reduced quality of public health.

On a larger scale, it results to medical complications among patients, legal suits to medical facilities and revocation of nursing licenses thus contributing less to the improvement of public health (Donald et al, 2010).


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Karnick, P. M. (2014). What Kind of Nurse Are You? Nursing Science Quarterly, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp …

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