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Observation of LanguageAn Assignment Submitted byName of StudentName of EstablishmentClass XXXX, Section XXXX, Fall 2015Observation of LanguageEnglish language is the second most spoken language in the world. It has countless grammar and spelling rules, which are important to follow. However, these rules are frequently neglected. Illiteracy is common not only among foreigners, but also among native speakers. Language mistakes depend on a nationality of a speaker, the environment and education. The purpose of this paper is to analyze social media comments and identify the examples of bad language.Informal English can be divided into categories, basing on different factors. We can allocate two main categories: a deliberately used unknowingly used bad language. Deliberate informal English includes slang and profanity. Slang can be divided into subcategories, basing on nationality (Ebonics), profession (computer jargon or military slang), place of residence and other factors (sexual slang, cant languages). Unknowingly made mistakes are caused by ignorance or laziness and include spelling, grammar and pronunciation mistakes. All the categories of bad English can be encountered in social networks, which are the perfect example of informal communication. Spelling mistakes are the most frequent on the Internet. Unconventional spelling and acronyms are used as a faster alternative to the traditional one. Having analyzed comments from YouTube and Twitter, I have come across following examples. Twitter: “I wanna cum. Cmon grl we need u” (Which is unconventional spelling for: “I want to come. Come on, girl, we need you.”)Twitter: “goin’ home. C ya later” (Apostrophe is used instead of a letter that is not normally pronounced. C stands for ‘see’ (Other examples: R – are, U - you). The phrase means: “I am going home. See you later.”)YouTube: “IMHO it’s safe to announce it.” (Which stands for: “In my honest opinion, it is safe to announce it”)These are the examples of abbreviations and internet slang, which is very common in any social network.Grammar mistakes are another category that is worth mentioning. Facebook: “I didn’t know nothing about it” (Double negatives is an extremely common mistake that is frequently used by native speakers)YouTube: “Your stupid!” (This ironic example represents an improper use of a word ‘your’)YouTube: “I don’t have a free time to watch it” (A misuse of articles is another common mistake, especially among non-native speakers)Slang and dialects: YouTube: “Fo schizzle, dude. I’m down.” (This phrase implies “For sure. I am fine with it”.)YouTube: “This shorty looks fly.” (Another example of slang that means “This girl looks good”.)Twitter: “I’m high as a motherf**er” (It is an example of both slang and profanity, which is used to emphasize the degree of the statement. The phrase can be rephrased as “I am very stoned”)Profanity:Twitter: “I would have f*cked him up, and I don’t give a f*ck.” (In this vivid example of profanity a word ‘f*ck’ is used in different contexts and as a different part of speech, thus, it has different meaning. “I would have smashed him, and I don’t care”)YouTube: “This is f*cking ridiculous.” (In this case the word has …
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