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Offshoring a Call Center for Everdream

Is Everdream's position on offshoring to India reasonable?

While discussing the rationality of Everdream’s offshoring to India, it is essential to refer to the fact that the set of the reasons has brought the Indian projects to fail. For instance, the communicant problems in call center, lack of trained and skilled developers as well as the enormous cost over-runs, which have been topped with differences in the legislative system of India. These aspects have not been initially taken into account by the top management of Everdream, while making a decision regarding the offshoring. As a result, the reshipment of the jobs to US has taken its place alongside with the unrecoverable financial losses. That is why, the offshoring to India was not reasonable and rational decision of the top management of this business entity.

What offshoring or outsourcing lessons from Everdream's experience can be used by other firms?

It is possible to state that the factors, listed in the previous section, reveal the following outsourcing lessons to be learnt. The lack of precreation as well as the proper execution was the failure not only of the provider, but also it was the clients’ one. It means that the business entity should be property prepared and its top management should be aware of the major issues, which are desired by them form the provider. In the case of making a choice of the offshoring, there is a need of avoiding the poor joint planning. It means that if the expectations, roles performance metrics and responsibilities are not properly clarified and outlined by the client, there is no well-grounded reason for expecting the high rates of efficacy form such collaboration. The set of the problematic issues, related to the communication between the offshore and in- house teams, is caused by the different culture and lead to the poor execution –a in the Everdream’s case (Polle, 2011).


Polle, A. (2011) What happens when you bring offshored IT back home? Retrieved from: Download Full Essay Show full preview

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