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Marine Power PlantNameCourseTutorUniversityDateMarine Power Plant The marine power plant provides electrical power to the marine vessels. Generation of electrical power occurs in the electrical power system. This power system is isolated and confined to an enclosed area within the marine vessel. This enclosure is considered a hazardous area because it contains hazardous energy (Skjong 2015). Unlike land-based electrical power plants, the marine power plants lacks multiple step-down transformers and the accompanying long power transmission lines, which means that the power generated by the marine power plant is confined to a small area thus necessitating enclosure to prevent accidents and harm to the people present in or near the marine vessel (Fröhlich 2015). Moreover, this poses the distinct threat of high-powered short circuits, which engineers must manage.Hazardous Energy In most instances, electrical power is generated by diesel-powered electrical power plants installed in the marine vessel (Breeze 2014). Thus, it is evident that engineers have to deal with the following types of hazardous energy:1. Chemical, heat and potential energy: The diesel that is stored in storage tanks. One of these storage tanks is the fuel tank of the power plant. Other storage tanks contain diesel that will be used to refill the fuel tank. Diesel is a combustible compound, and most of these storage tanks are not thermal-proof. This poses a distinct risk. If the ambient or room temperature rises, the diesel in the storage tanks would gain energy and if the amount of energy gained exceeds the activation energy required to cause the diesel to ignite, then it is evident that the storage tanks risk exploding and causing significant damage to the vessel and the people within the vessel or near the vessel (Cheremisinoff & Davletshina 2013). Thus, the chemical energy contained in the diesel fuel is potential energy, and therefore the engineers must deal with three distinct hazardous energy types; chemical energy, heat energy and potential energy. Also, some of the chemical used to clean the power plant contain corrosive compounds which are likely to harm engineers if they are misused (Hetherington, Flin, & Mearns 2006).2. Mechanical energy: The electrical power plant is made up of mobile parts which are constantly moving during its operation. These moving components have sufficient mechanical energy that can cause harm if the equipment malfunctions and when a person does not observe proper safety precautions when operating the equipment (Cocciardi 2012). For instance, the rotor can trap the loose ends of a shirt and thereby lead to significant hand, forearm and arm injuries. Also, when the motor malfunctions, it can throw out fragments of materials. These fragments would be propelled at a high speed and they risk causing serious penetration injuries when they come into contact with the human body (Friend & Kohn 2014).3. Electrical energy: The power plant produces large amounts of electrical energy which is used to power the marine vessel. The electricity needs to be transmitted throughout the vessel. Due to the limited amount of space in the vessel, the transmission lines …
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