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Operation Plan - Food E-commerce

While the Food E-commerce Blogging Website will offer private home kitchen dining services to consumers with an opportunity to experience local culinary traditions. With the internet presence, the business will be able to tap into a broad range of customers beyond borders. Online ordering system will help the company stay ahead of the competition. In future, the company will be required to create a mobile platform as one of the key strategies for penetrating the market.


The company will create a platform where chefs are allowed to showcase their expertise. For the quality of services and sustainability, Food E-commerce Blogging Website will introduce training sessions, where chefs are tutored in new methods of cookery. This will help the company keep up with demands of the new age. Various factors such as culture will determine how food is prepared. As such, the website will comprise of photographs, video clips, and articles that encompass various topics. Chefs will be required to create profiles, the back story of the chef’s products, tips for aspiring home chefs, food pattern, best cafeterias, exclusive recipes, food cultures, other foodie associated topics. The company will also deliver exclusive subscribers-only, newsletters, and blogs that include articles and cutting-edge news in the food sector.


Food will be sold from chefs’ home or private events. We will set up a page of e-commerce. People can order food through the system. Sell posts will show the approximate location. For people who select pick up will get the exact address once they made a payment. which differentiates us from our competitors. This makes it easy for people within a given region to order for food. The proximity makes it easy for clients to walk in for a meal.


Prices for meals range from 30$ to $80 approximately, and up to $150 for high-end targets. In this regard, your company can use cost leadership to penetrate the market.


Food E-commerce Blogging Website intends to assemble a team of skilled and unskilled workers who will execute their responsibilities under the auspice of professionals. Employees will be hired based on the events as they come up. However, a dignified payment they will get. The company can start off with 15 employees for the first 3 years then hire 4 employees year after year because the business will have matured. The customer relations department will be tasked with converting potential leads into clients.


Sellers and host will get raw material from where they deem fit. They will be free to choose their suppliers.


Social dinning hosts will be required to apply on the portal. As such, where events take place will be voted online.

Quality Assurance

Reviews will be made on the website concerning customers’ experiences, and services rendered.


The Company will deploy SAP enterprise resource planning tool for its inventory. The inventory system will help tracking whatever comes in and what goes out. This will help curtail overstocking and under stocking.

Customer Support

The support team will play a critical function in terms of engaging potential …

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