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Organisational Change and Development


Organisational change management refers to the institution of a framework that manages the changes and modification made to a business entity such as change in business process, organisation structure change and cultural changes among other modifications. Organisational development is a perpetual process of research both practically and hypothetically to improve the process implemented to cause organisational change. It involves improving the current systems that manage organisational change to make them efficient and effective for better results.

Organisational change management


Proper alignment of resources at the disposal of the firm. It allows the firm to objectively measure their resource level and make plans according to the resources available to facilitate smooth and consistent growth.Risk levels are greatly reduced as well as inefficiency. Managing the changes in an organisations ensures that all risks involved are identified and their impact evaluated. A strategy is then formulated to ensure that the risks identified are covered. Change management also ensures that inefficiencies as a result of first trial are reduced if not eliminated, management ensures that any pitfalls are identified before or on time for the necessary changes to be effected.


Change is a sophisticated structure affecting different parts of the organisation. Human resource, project, quality and IT management encompass the whole change process. All the facets above are affected differently, thus the change process is complex and requires high levels of balance to be effectively implemented.It consumes time and resources of the company and if ineffective will cause losses to the firm in question.

Organisational development


Perpetual development is ensured in an organisation. It continuously evaluated the business processes, makes necessary changes, implements the change and evaluate the impact. The evaluation report then forms a basis to again make changes to be implemented. The process is thus continuous and facilitates proactive change in an organisation.Enhances communication through routine communication in the processes involved in organisational development. All the departments in an organisation are involved in the development process through the evaluation, monitoring or implementation phase. It fosters a culture of communication among the different departments in an organisation thus facilitating understanding and better coordination to achieve company goals.


It is usually a time consuming process as it involves many stages. It involves formulation of a plan, implementation phase, monitoring and evaluating performance then making the necessary changes. The whole process usually consumes a lot of time that would have been used to increase productivity.The whole process is a capital expenditure from the planning, evaluation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation phase. The costs involved from capital resource to labour required can prove to be too expensive to an organisation on a cost benefit analysis.

Organisational change management vs. organisational development

Organisational change and development are both focused on improving the organisation. They also tend to be implemented through a series of actions planned in advance. However, change management focuses on quality, cost and schedule while organisational development focuses on participation, skill transfer and human potential.

Change management is usually focused on a specific issue raised that it seeks to …

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