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Organizational Ethical Privacy Issue


Organizational policies are guidelines set by the organization on how to run their errands. They contain regulations and directions of service. They vary from one department to another depending on nature of work and the relationship between the employees and employers. The use of work policies helps individuals to coordinate with one another thus leads to improved output (Anderson & Goodman, 2002). The policy should give guidance and requirements that are necessary for control of systems in the workstation. They create a legal framework for the course of action and decision making. For effective work, policy should provide a secure network that is free from malware and hacking and should protect the integrity and credibility of information while at the same time maintain confidentiality and also allow accessibility. To adopt a policy one need to check the response of the employees regarding their work; this will determine the behavior and attitude of the employees as a result of introduced policies (Rehg, 2014). This paper seeks to explore an organizational IT system in workplace.

Overview of Policy

The policy is meant to promote behavior and ethics among workers in an IT place of work. The policy should cover all people within the workplace, from those employed to those volunteering, from the management to the workers (Anderson & Goodman, 2002). It should protect all the computer-based resources and facilities. They regulate the use of resources while at the same time maintain their confidentiality. To keep all the information private and confidential; encryption should be used to minimize chances of unauthorized persons accessing them.


The purpose is to give regulations of operation in place of work. This should involve maximum participation and support from everyone involved; it is meant to provide a culture of support, transparency and integrity in the workplace (Reynolds, 2003). The policy is to provide regulations and procedures to follow when handling all information technology facilities so as to maintain and protect confidentiality. The policy shows how to manage security in an information technology set up.

Scope of Policy

The policy applies to all people within the workplace and all computers and all systems. All those who have access to facilities are shown, including the third parties like contractors, as well as other third parties. This policy is binding to all contractors, temporary workers, and any third party affiliates. They must fully adhere to the regulations found in the policy. The administrator official must coordinate the security system. He develops trains and creating awareness on the importance in a work environment (Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems, 2012). The users must complete the training hours to equip and enhance themselves on their importance in a workplace. He has responsible for updating the security system. He ensures that the regulations set are followed and fully obeyed. It’s important to maintain integrity and availability of the information stored in the computer resources. Accountability and responsibility on the part of the user are needed to enhance the security in an …

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