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Paper on Consumerism

Some products become sales hits as soon as they are placed on the store shelves. More than a half of the new goods don’t meet the interests of consumers and quickly leave the market. Only a few of them continue to be the true bestsellers for a long time, bringing fabulous profits to the producing companies and radically changing the situation in their market segment. Such products are so popular, that they can even influence the society and the culture. The bestsellers are innovative and even to some degree revolutionary products.

In the USA, there are several products, which are popular among people of different ages. These are Coca-Cola, Marlboro, Jack Daniels, and Apple (24/7 Wall St.). However, the product that has the greatest social and cultural influence on Americans is iPhone (9TO5MAC). Today, most Americans own a smartphone, and iPhone is the most acquired smartphone.

IPhone is a smartphone that appeared on market not so long ago, but it has already influenced social and cultural life of many people both within the US and all over the world. The enormous usage of these devices clearly demonstrates the power of their influence. No smartphone has such numerous target audiences as Apple does. Although teenagers, college and university students, business people use iPhones most of all, this Apple product is also bought by average adults and their children (Apple Inc. Case Study). Five years ago, this smartphone was considered as a luxury item, but now many people can afford an iPhone, so the phone's dramatic impact can be seen in people’s daily lives, schools, factories and boardrooms.

Though being a phone with access to the Internet and additional useful functions like other smartphones iPhone is extremely different from them and tends to be a product that has considerably influenced society. Consumers are in process of changing usual cell phones to this multifunctional smartphones. A mobile phone used to be a device for calling and sending messages, but currently a smartphone has functions like sending e-mails, downloading, browsing the Internet, photographing, video recording, voice and gesture control and even fingerprint recognition feature to provide security – and this is not the full list of features of up-to-date smartphones, which strive to serve good by simplifying people’s lives. It is a usual thing to see people who are holding their IPhones everywhere: in the public transport, at school, at college, at work, in the supermarket queue, at the concert… It is easier to think of places where iPhones are not used.

But what is the reason for such extensive use of these smartphones? In most cases, it is addiction, but not boredom which makes people browse the Internet, overview the photos, send messages to friends, listen to music, watch videos using the Apple smartphone. People are glued to the screens of their iPhones; they seem to live in a virtual world. Every year, people spend more time communicating with their friends via the …

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