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Fidel Castro: the Second Declaration of Havana

The Second Declaration of Havana (1962) was one of the most important political documents that marked a turning point in the course of Cuban Revolution. This particular Fidel Castro’s document provides a comprehensive theoretic exposition of Cuban revolutionary policy. Castro’s major intention here is to prevent imperialist annexation of Cuba, get rid of humiliation, exploitation, and persecution by the United States. Cuba has suffered most from the Cold War organized by the world’s leading countries, which in the second half of the last century divided the world and established their political and economic domination.

In this remarkable document, Castro encouraged Latin America to adopt the ideology of Communism, which was most prosperous in the Soviet Union at that time. The diplomatic relationships between the United States and Cuba deteriorated significantly and led to the Bay of Pigs Invasion, organized and sponsored by the U.S. government.Being acquainted with such important political documents is necessary for understanding the United States history and its long and difficult path to democracy.

The Second Declaration of Havana provides a comprehensive overview of one of the greatest nationalist revolutions against highly corrupted and non-democratic governments. It teaches the modern reader not merely about dates, numbers and political figures, but also about how the history is created. This declaration is not only about how Cuba fought its path to independence and integrity through revolution. In fact, one can see in this document only an example of how piece and independence are being achieved.

There are still many autocratic and totalitarian nations nowadays and one can sees in the news information of occasional revolution eruptions. And reading such documents helps to understand what is going on in the world and predict the possible consequences. I, personally, enjoyed reading the Second Declaration of Havana, because I found out a lot of interesting facts about the U.S. history, which I did not know before.

Furthermore, I did not only learn some dates of historical figures, but got an understanding of an important historical process. With the help of this understanding I became able to analyze what is going on in the world. So, I find this declaration very useful and worth of reading in nowadays politically and economically unstable …

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