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Passion Essay

I stood, with my head bowed. The words unpleasantly echoed in my mind: “That’s why we failed! The whole performance was messed up because of your own fault! ” I still remember every word they said to me and also that unpleasant feeling when you do not meet the expectations of others. The effect of any remark depends on how you respond to it. I learned that standing in front of my leader, and listening to the fair criticism of my negligence.

For a long time, my passion for dancing was an indispensable companion of my school life. As a member of the A.K. Family, which is a dancing studio, I often performed with others. The performances were so frequent, that I started viewing them as a commonplace, and that was a blunder.One day, I was told to practice a group dance. Our leader checked for everyone’s free time to make sure that all the members of the troupe were available. We practiced From Monday to Friday, after classes. Since the performance day was coming soon, every member had to closely adhere to the appointed time. However, I was not very scrupulous about the rehearsals, as my friends often invited me to hang out. So I did not see anything wrong in reducing my rehearsals from time to time. To me, dancing was a natural thing, and I did not see the need to spend my time practicing movements. Our leader called me to watch the video and review every action carefully, but I didn’t come. The performance day came stunningly fast. Every member stepped on the stage, full of confidence. I wish I could feel that secure. When the music started, every dancer, except for me, demonstrated a high quality of performance.

I looked at them, and my mind suddenly went blank. Throughout the performance, I kept making mistakes. After my team noticed someone disorganizing, the confidence disappeared from their faces, and it was replaced by embarrassment. No matter how hard they tried to save my faults, the performance was still messed up. At that moment, I realized the whole dance troupe was in trouble because of me. The show ended with boos and catcalls. I understood that it was the result of my attitude. I saw blames in my friends’ eyes. Actually, their disappointment was much bitterer than their blames. “You spoiled the whole performance!” our leader shouted at me with anger. Yes, it’s true. My own mistakes caused the failure of the entire group. If I could have another chance, I would never be that negligent. My indifference led to horrific results. However, I am grateful for this experience as it taught me two important things. Firstly, I learned to be more responsible and to never take anything for granted. Mastery does not come by itself, and to achieve it you should work hard, sometimes making concessions.

Secondly, I understood the value of team and …

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