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Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

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- Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
- Prevention
- Preparedness
- Recovery
- Response
- Works Cited

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) is a governmental organization whose mission is to save lives, reduce amount of those who suffer, protect property and the environment by leading and cooperating wealth organizations and agencies and their resources to prevent, defend, prepare, respond and recover from any human-made or natural disaster (About PEMA). The Pennsylvania emergency management council is a governing body, which directly controls, establishes policies and directions for the emergency management programs all over the United States of America.

The council meets 3 times a year for regulatory and preparedness purposes and every time when a disastrous situation is declared by the governor. PEMA consists from following units: bureau of planning and preparedness, special deployment and response office, human resources office, bureau of financial management, bureau of recovery and mitigation, bureau of strategic planning, etc. PEMA employs numbers of professionals from various industries such as bilingual work, clerical, engineering, finances, informational, social services and trades; and provides them with rewarding helpful work (Highlighted Opportunities).The main tasks of the organization consist from two main parts: planning & preparedness and response & recovery. The first part is responsible for preliminary control and preparation activities. It is crucial to prepare all emergency organizations and civil population before the disaster actually happens. This practice reduces the amount of victims and ensures that the organizational mission is complete. The response & recovery part of the PEMA’s tasks is responsible for actions, which are undertaken after the disaster happens.


Planning and preparedness task of the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency is represented by means and systems, which notify and admonish local citizens and emergency entities about scheduled preparation activities and possible upcoming disasters. Emergency Management Network (EMNET) is the primary delivery path of Emergency Alert System, which concerns both television and radio stations. The system operates 362 terminals all over the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is constantly developing. The task of the EMNET system is to prepare local citizens and to aware them about possible natural disasters. As the emergency situations occur every day and require strict and organized actions to be solved, EMNET is particularly useful. Possibility to send the request to individual terminals, groups or all stations and to achieve confirmation of delivery is the main benefit of EMNET if compared to other delivery systems. Moreover, it is stated that EMNET is faster, more secure and reliable technology, which provides emergency organizations with ability to communicate during disasters. It appears to be particularly beneficial, as Emergency Activations have to be manageable on time. Original EMNET messages have a form of simple text messages, which can include attachments and can be used along with EAS messages (text and audio). Activation of EAS messages are authorized when …

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