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People & Organisations

Environmental Trends and Factors

According to the recent estimates, Australia is ranked among top environmentally conscious countries in the world. Unfortunately, this does not exclude evident issues that the country should still address in a five-year span, affecting businesses like Colourful Corporation. According to the Greatest Environmental Challenges Survey by 2021 conducted in 2011 among professional environmental managers and scientists, environmental trends of the greatest concern are water and climate, with other high ranking concerns including population growth, energy, land degradation and shortage of biodiversity (Boyd et al., 2013). Among the primary factors affecting these trends are deforestation, infrastructure development, pollution and agriculture overgrazing, which should be explicitly addresses through development of tangible policies of environment protection.

Impact on the industry of energy systems

Energy industry alone has a strong, diverse impact over the environmental trends in Australia. Global warming and climate change, for instance, are the consequences of fossil fuel resources consumption, while pollution is a direct outcome of intensive urban infrastructure development. The impact on energy industry though leads towards a transition of energy generation towards its better usage practice leveraging methods of systems ecology and industrial ecology. Systems ecology assumes that biological and ecological systems could be designed in a way that their interaction between each other is mutually beneficial, while industrial ecology assumes similar design for industrial processes occurring inside the boundaries of production environment.

In particular case for Colourful Corporation and Australian environmental trends, key efforts should be done in designing energy systems infrastructure that organically integrates with water resources shortage and climate change as the most critically projected issues by Australian environmental professionals. People in organization will be affected as well, since they will be required to adopt their skills to fit the new direction of product development. This might involve hiring or partnering with external experts or even a re-organisation should the scope of changes appears transformative to the business.

Impact on Business UnitsManufacturing

It is assumed that Colourful Corporation should transit the manufacturing of infrastructure that is informed by technological advances and the integration of ‘smart, internet enabled’ systems. With this years’ investments in Australian renewable energy industry plummeting by 90%, Colourful Corporation will have strong challenges in meeting its objectives on opening additional R&D centres due to the outflow of lenders and investors off the Australian market (Hill, 2015). Consequently, manufacturing department will likely to seek for reorganisation as a result of external association’s pressure, unless internal political climate which caused investor’s outflow will not change (Boyd, 2013).


This department will likely to take major transformation of activity, since its explicit orientation towards contemporary data analysis tools and understanding consumers and suppliers. This department will be required to create a detailed forecast based on the accumulated data of past activities combined with external data available on the energy industry changes. It objective is firmly to validate whether facts voiced regarding the change industry are objective. To the date, these opinions involve continued energy price rises and large reliance over fossil fuels for electricity …

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