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Perception Process

Perception may be determined as a process dealt with assigning of surrounding world. The Dictionary of Merriam Webster (2015) defines it as the way of thinking and understanding of someone or somebody. Psychological, social and cultural characteristics derived it in two aspects. These aspects are accurate and inaccurate perception. Accuracy and inaccuracy in perception depend from cognitive biases that are defined by Roger Stangor (2010) as “errors in memory or judgement that are caused by inappropriate use of cognitive processes” (Accuracy and Inaccuracy in Memory and Cognition, chapter 8). The best way to them is describing and analyzing situations that took place in a real life.

I have considered persons from different spheres of life as irresponsible two times. These indices differ between each other as accurate and inaccurate perception. Notwithstanding that indices differ between each other they have similar backgrounds that influenced accuracy of my perception.

Accurate perception.
The situation with accurate perception concerned interaction between me and my colleague Anna. It was dealt submission of the report. We worked in the same department where I had an obligation to present the report provided by my colleague before the top management of our company. When I asked Anna to provide me with the report, she explained that it impossible as the required information would be available three days later. In this situation, I might find her irresponsible and apply before the competent persons to provide me with other colleague for this project. By contrast, I did not do it as to the factors influenced on my perception.

Additionally, I did not perceive irresponsibility or rather incompetence. We worked with the same project and dealt with similar issues. Nevertheless, conditions of our work influenced on my perception of Anna and entire situation that appeared immediately. Moreover, I had a view that first impression goes before further. For the time we worked with Anna always confirmed her reputation of liable person who never missed deadlines. This impeccable reputation was an argument that impression about carelessness would be wrong. Perception should not be formed by situations that are gone out of control and may be called force majeure. The description of my interaction with colleague should be started with question regarding factors that attracted my attention.

The answer is that behavior of Anna dealt with inability to carry the important part of work before the term defined by top management. Before the interpretation of such actions it should be mentioned that my impressions were in accordance with previous reputation of described person as liable and punctual. The factor that made my accurate perception stable were the argumentative explanations of a colleague that she will do everything possible to complete the report in time but situation is really beyond her control. The communication, which took place while the disagreement appeared, influenced a possibility to assess.

Anna and estimate the whole situation with further perspective to resolve the problem. That is why the initial judgements formed …

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