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Personal Language Profile

English is one of the most recognizable languages all over the globe after Mandarin and Spanish. It refers to West Germanic languages and covers almost sixty sovereign states. Originally, contemporary English was first spoken in medieval Britain, taking roots back to fifth century AD (

Studying English is a difficult task for every person, whose mother language does not refer to West Germanic languages. That is why it takes years for them to become familiar with this abundant and figurative language.Many years ago studying foreign languages was not necessarily at all since people were not aware of the benefits, which were unavailable for them. Foreign languages were essential only for people doing international business or working for a transborder organizations.

The amount of people who made efforts learning foreign languages was relatively small, but these people appeared to be more successful than their shortsighted contemporaries were.Nowadays everything has changed. International cooperation, engagement of different societies and global means of communication have increased the need of learning foreign languages. Being multilinguistic has become more than just important. Apart from financial benefits, which are available for those who know languages other than native, people achieve real connection with representatives of different cultures and face better understanding of their own language (VOXEA SA). In terms of making business, knowledge of foreign languages opens wide range of employment opportunities.

The majority of contemporary organizations are striving to be present on the international market. They need to build relations with foreign partners and to understand their clients. According to Dr. Abraham Kim (2013), foreign languages prepare and inspire individuals to think globally, help them make friends around the world and open many doors. Moreover, Dr. Abraham Kim highlights the influence of foreign languages on the overall intellectual development of individuals. This practice increases mental focus, reading and writing abilities and even improves mathematical skills.

Apart from all highlighted benefits, learning English provides me with unique opportunities. I understand that China is one of the leading countries of the whole world. However, it requires a lot of investments and cooperation from other countries. In my opinion, the United States of America and countries of Western Europe are the most desirable states to cooperate with. English is the principle language for these parts of the planet. That is why I decided to start learning it.Currently, I am a native Chinese learning TESOL in New York. I believe that it will lead to a future success in my career. However, unlike my expectations, learning English appeared to be a very difficult task for me. The abundance of synonyms and variations of a single word turned to be a strong barrier. Alphabet was a complete disaster for me, as Chinese uses logographic system for its written language instead of alphabet (The differences between English and Chinese).

First, reading was difficult, but turned to be the easiest part of the language for me, since I try to study the vocabulary precisely. If I meet any new words in a sentence, I …

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