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There exists a broad range of styles and theories that explain the practice and concept of leadership. Most of these styles view leadership as classified in one or more of the common leadership perspectives: Leadership as a combination of personality characteristics or traits, leadership as a process or relationship, or leadership as certain behavior or leadership skills (Chen, et al., 2009). I am of the opinion that, leadership is a complex and dynamic process. I believe that effective leaders are as a result of adequate training and practice of the leadership styles. For this reason, I tend to identify myself with the skills theory of leadership and believe that it best aligns with my thoughts of what leadership means.The skills theory affirms that acquired skills and learned knowledge are crucial factors in the practice of effective leadership (Caton-Hughes, et al., 2005). For this reason, I have learned and would like to develop various leadership characteristics in the field of healthcare and nursing.

Two primary leadership qualities that I already possess are; maintaining a positive attitude and showing empathy. In the field of healthcare, I have come to learn that maintaining a positive attitude keeps the workplace morale up. As a leader, I have goals and dreams for my staff, and spreading positivity helps in creating an environment where these goals and dreams come to pass. Furthermore, showing empathy is a significant element of leadership in the field of healthcare.

Through my experience in the field, I have learned how to take other people’s perspectives and feelings into consideration. In the field, I would also like to develop the skills of making strong employment decisions and having a strong business orientation. In the field of healthcare, there are numerous health personnel with varied skills and talent. Being a leader in such as field, I would like to develop the skills of identifying and matching other people’s talents, passion, and skills to their jobs. This skill would enable me task the health personnel with the jobs that they are most capable of handling efficiently. Besides, I would like to develop the characteristic of having a strong business orientation. Being in private healthcare demands more than service. It also requires business skills to assist in accomplishing financial goals and keeping the business sustainable.

Businesses skills are essential for leaders in charge of private healthcare operations. Such operations rely on profits from healthcare services to survive. If a leader of such an institution lacks business skills; it is less likely that the business will be sustainable in the contemporary competitive healthcare industry (Hartley, & Benington 2010). I would use these leadership attributes that I have already acquired in the field of healthcare to build and maintain healthy relationships with other in the community in different ways. For instance, having empathy while talking to others in the community would make me aware of the balance of power in such relationships and the effects it can have on my interactions. I would have an …

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