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Personal Statement

Like every other student when I was 13 years old, I had to make a career decision. At that stage, I chose to enter in the Field of Finance and make a difference. It was so obvious that I would want to get into Finance field.

One of the most successful Financial Consulting Company in the area was owned by my family. I grew up observing my parents discuss Premiums, Equities, Debts, the turnovers figures of the different client among others. Such discussions eventually led me to gain interest in this field. I steadily came to appreciate the need for finance in the modern world. I was eager to grow up and join them in business. However, that never happened because I had to complete my Bachelors and internships under several reputed financial companies.I did summer internships and my experience while doing those internships was very exciting and fresh, I was exposed to the finance industry and the real corporate world’s working for the first time.

Also, during my Bachelors, courses like Finance impressed upon me the significance of the financial sector in the economy. The practical experience gained provided me with a new confidence to go ahead and learn more about finance because I enjoyed a lot to work in such an industry. One of the things I enjoyed most was facing a very challenging situation taking into consideration the market scenario and the risk involved in that challenge.Through lectures and case studies, I widened my understanding of the finance principles while learning about the relationship of management to finance. The theories that I learned in lectures was directly applicable in the global financial crisis of 2009 which was causing destruction on businesses and economies around the world. That was also another thing that encouraged to choose the field of finance. I have an interest in studying master degree in finance because I believe from the study I will achieve an in-depth understanding of finance.

The course will allow me to apply the latest thinking on management and financial to the analysis of the main problems and challenges being experienced by the world’s major businesses. It will also help me to develop the necessary research skills necessary to tackle financial problems. Additionally, earning a master’s degree in finance would preferably complement my undergraduate degree. Besides, to achieve my career goals, I need to learn more about current techniques in finance and acquire hands-on experience of financial analysis. A master’s degree in finance will offer me with theoretical understanding of approaches to helping managerial decision-making to enable me to develop expertise in the important areas of global corporate financial operations

Also, I have chosen to pursue MS in Finance at the University of Massachusetts Boston because it provides a thorough graduate education in corporate finance and investment. Besides, I have chosen UMass Boston because of their research interests in finance and their reputation of excellence in this fields. Their international reputation of the school …

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